Tasks for Club Pilot Rating

Phase 6

Pre-soaring 21 Pre-soaring: Theory of soaring flight; more developed knowledge on weather assessment, site assessment, flight planning, rules of the air.

22 180 degree turns:
The student will demonstrate competence at unassisted launches and turns up to and beyond 180 degrees.

23 Planned Approaches: The student will demonstrate competence at controlled landings in different conditions and using different techniques, within a designated area.

Phase 7

Soaring 24 Soaring flight: Utilizing ridge lift to maintain and gain height.

25 Top Landings:
Learning safe and controlled top landings on at least two sites in different conditions..

26 Flying with others: Putting the Rules of the Air into practice in the company of other aircraft.

Phase 8

27 Improving Skills:
Exploring the speed range: Speed to fly concept; fast and slow flight.
28 Accelerator Systems: Learning to use the speed bar and trim setting devices.

29 Forward Launching: Further development of forward launching skills, preparation for forward launching on Alpine sites, etc.

30 Reverse Launching: Further practice of reverse launching; honing reverse launch techniques.

31 Weight-shift and pitch-roll co-ordination in turns: Steering the glider with weight-shift harness inputs.

32 Cross-wind and slope landings: Practice of various landing techniques; potential hazards involved.

Phase 9

Instability & Emergencies 33 Theory: Tree and water landing procedures; PLF refresher; emergency parachute systems; alternative control systems; instability and turbulence .

34 Active flying: Flying in turbulent air – techniques.

35 Rapid descent techniques: The use of 'big ears' descent technique.
36 Dealing with an asymmetric tuck: Practicing how to deal effectively with small tucks.

Phase 10
37- 40 Theory & ExamTheory: Meteorology, Principles of flight, Rules of the Air and Airlaw, General Airmanship knowledge.

41 Final Assessment: Where you get to prove that you are ready to fly outside the supervision of a school. You are now qualified as a Club Pilot!