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Brauniger IQ ALTO


The Brauniger IQ-ALTO is the ideal introduction to the next generation of BRAUNIGER Intelligent Flight Instruments.
Designed to perfectly meet the needs of all paragliding pilots, from beginners to experienced pilots. They are also suitable for hang gliding!
The new IQ instruments are even easier to handle, and packed with functions for performance minded pilots.

Elegant design, Soft Grip surface ABS casing, small size with easily operated keys.
New, high precision Vario – Digital technology with variable response time and excellent filtering due to the new Smart - filter-Technology.
More than 250 operating hours with one alkaline battery set ( you can also use NiMh rechargeable batteries if you prefer).
Several years battery life in Stand-by mode with always on, visible display of current time. (Caution: beware of leaking batteries).
All functions are individually programmable via OPTION-MODE-key presses.
Fight Memory: IQ-ALTO all Max/Min Data stored for your last 40 flights.

Standard Functions:
- Altimeters 3
- Pressure adjustment - QNH manual
- Vario with 5 readings/s
- Easy instrument settings by menu
- Digital vario filter adjustable
- Acoustic functions user adjustable
- Vario averager
- Audio for vario
- Battery level monitoring, temperature compensated
- Flight timer
- Flight memory, 40 flights recorded (peak data)
- Metric or imperial units
- Display protection by 1,5 mm perplex scale
- Aerodynamic housing

Advanced Functions:
- Automatic flight accepting
- Vario Tone Acoustic highly adjustable
- Efficient energy management, 1 battery set total operation; 1 250 hours

Weight: 175g


Price £179.00




To order call 01663 747513 or e-mail


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