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Paragliding Tandem Flights and Day tasters
Learning to fly a paraglider

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At Parapente we have been teaching people to fly since 1987, being one of the oldest established hill launch schools in The Derbyshire Peak District. Our school is located in Newmills, Derbyshire. {Only 30mins from Manchester, 1 hour from Liverpool, 1 1/2hours from Birmingham, 30mins from Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, 45mins from Nottingham, 45mins from Chesterfield, 40mins from Sheffield and 20mins from Macclesfield Cheshire.} The friendly atmosphere and excellent teaching means you will enjoy fulfilling your dream of learning to fly.

You will begin your course by being shown what a paraglider is and how it works. This will be combined with an introduction to the complexities of meteorology and air movement so that you know when and where to fly. Then it's off to the hills for the practical airborne sessions. Teaching is progressive, learning how to control the paraglider on the ground before moving on to low level 'hops'. Only when these skills have been mastered will you move further up the hill to make higher and longer flights. You will fly with a radio so that your instructor can coach you, ensuring that you progress safely. Starting from straightforward downhill flights, you can soon move on to soaring above a ridge using the prevailing wind, then progress to thermal flying and travelling cross country. We will teach you - it is as simple as that!

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The sites we fly from.

Shining Tor

Near Buxton

Bunster Hill

Near Ashbourne, Ilam, Dovedale

Wetton Hill

Near Longnor

Dale Head

Near Edale

High Edge

Near Buxton

Mam Tor

Near Castleton

Paragliding Instructors

Paul Allmark -

Chief Flying Instructor

Paul is one of the most experienced instructors in Britain and has been teaching people to fly since 1986. He is a skilled hang glider and paraglider pilot with a couple of thousand hours under his belt he also holds a Private Pilots licence. He has competed internationally as a member of the British Team. Paul is a patient and thorough instructor and is easy to get on with; he will assess your needs and train you to the level you choose for yourself. Paul's favorite trick after a hard day teaching is to take off at the bottom landing field and fly back up to the top. It beats walking!

Jim Green-


Jim has been flying for 27 years. He has experience in all the foot launched disciplines and has competed in many competitions. At one time jim was a member of the Royal Navy, currently he is in the photography business. he has great character and strength and is very easy to get along with.


John Hancock-



John is an experienced paraglider pilot who over the years has taught a number of outdoor persuits including climbing, caving and diving. With his experience and confidence he is an excellent communicator and can take charge of any given situation. He is an asset to any school, fortunately he's with ours.


Conrad Rubin-



Conrad has been flying for 10 years, he joined our team last year. Besides flying paragliders Conrad is a keen salior who has competed as a member of a yacht racing team. Quite a young pup at heart you'll warm to him instantly.




Paragliding Courses

1). Taster Day

A chance to try out paragliding. You will be introduced to the sport and the equipment and will then be taught the techniques for take off and basic canopy control. By the end of the day you should be flying solo. A taster day gift voucher makes an ideal present for those looking for something different (and it is the first day of the EPC course - see below).

2) Two Day Taster

As above but with an extra days flying and some basic theory with flights up to 20 feet solo.

3) Elementary Pilot Certificate Course (EPC)

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This is a 5 day course (depending on ability). By the end of the course you will have completed at least six high flights of more than 100 feet. You will be able to turn the paraglider and land in a designated area. There is also a written exam to be completed.

4) Club Pilot Certificate(CPC)

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- this follows the EPC and takes a further 5 days. You will make longer and higher flights, increasing your skill level and your theoretical knowledge to prepare you for flying in a club environment.

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Foreign Trips - The school also runs courses in several European countries for those wanting to fly in mountainous areas under the guidance of our very experienced instructors. Here an introduction to thermalling and cross country flying can be given with airborne radio tuition. You will benefit from the local knowledge of the instructors and their vast experience in mountain flying, taking the "trial and error" factor out of learning to fly in the Alps.


BHPA Membership and Insurance


The British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association is the governing body of our sport and membership includes third party insurance cover. The price for this cover depends on the time scale for the flying experience you want; for example, a one day taster course will only require one days cover, whereas an EPC course will need a minimum of a "training membership". We will arrange BHPA membership for you on the first day of your course.


Good weather is a big factor in learning to fly paragliders. We assess the weather conditions each day. If, due to bad weather you cannot fly, we will rearrange your booking as soon as possible. Should the weather interrupt flying during your course, any unused flying may be taken at a future date by arrangement. We do not refund deposits or course fees, however you have a full six months in which to complete the course, or you can pass it on to a friend if you decide not to take it up yourself.


The Peak District National Park has plenty of hotels, B & B and camp sites. We have an accommodation list if you need it.

Basic Requirements for Paragliding

You don't have to be super fit (you will be fitter by the end of the course!) Your initial training will involve running around on open ground so bring sturdy footwear (walking boots will do). In the summer it can get hot so bring lighter clothing and plenty to drink. If the weather is cool, bring an extra fleece and lightweight windproofs are advisable. Don't forget the most important thing of all - a picnic lunch!

How to book

Just phone 07729997647 or 01663 747513 to book a place. A deposit will be needed to confirm your slot.


Cost of Paragliding Training

Day Taster
£ 180
2 day taster
£ 340
EPC course 4 days
£ 660
CPC course 5 days
£ 800
EPC + CPC combined
£ 1400





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