PAP Paramotors

PAP was founded by Pierre Aubert, who by the end of 1989 had designed and built his first paramotor. .

Always an innovator, Pierre was the the first to make a paramotor chassis with low point attachment for the glider and is responsible for designing the "Active System" of glider attachment now in use on all single seat PAP models

The idea was to design a system that would preserve intact the qualities a paraglider has in free flight. It was not an easy task but the result speaks for itself. You will find while flying a PAP that you will not feel the torque (in level flight) of the engine and can even forget that you have a engine on your back. Free in your movements you can fly with your body and do all the regular maneuvers as in free flight. With the low point "Active System" attachments the glider transmits to the pilot all the movements of the air, which enable you to anticipate and react safely.

The frame is constructed of highly polished stainless steel and offers advantages over fibre glass or aluminum, that during a poor take off or landing, if damaged the frame can normally be reshaped without a problem, but an aluminum one would have to be changed. The design of the chassis offers unparalleled protection for the propeller. Apart from that, the steel ages without a wrinkle and maintains an impeccable finish.

The harness from Sup'Air is designed specifically for the PAP and is fitted as standard with a seat extension, 3 automatic buckles, emergency parachute fixing points and two storage pockets for small items. A provision is made on the chassis for an emergency parachute behind the pilots head. The parachute container is supplied as standard and we can quote for an emergency parachute to suit your requirements.

The harness is configured to allow the use of the paragliders accelerator system.

The back of the harness has 2 layers of cellular foam of 10mm and 40mm which assure your comfort during flight. The maillons for attachment for the glider are of the double action safety "Twistloc" variety

Year 2000: PAP wins the European Championship's in France, the absolute Gold Medal, Bronze Medal, and the Gold Medal by Countries with this new concept of engine.

Year 2001: PAP win's the World Championship and the World Air Games in Spain the absolute Gold Medal, Silver Medal, and Bronze Medal, the 4th Position, the Gold Medal by Countries and First Place as Manufacturers. The Supremacy and Reliability of this engine is Confirmed.


PAP "TOP" Series.

Using this purpose designed paramotor engine with centrifugal clutch, the Top Series provides a powerful light powerplant with quiet smooth running and approximately 50% better fuel economy over the Solo 210.


PAP TOP 80 1100 / 1300 / 1400 TD & TDL.


The New PAP 1250 R

The finest materials in this max-power model that will allow heavy pilots to launch easily, with no need for a bigger paramotor. A strong, reliable and comfortable paramotor, with a thrust of 55 kg on your back. For pilots upto 120kgs.


Power and quality are blended in this paramotor engine built by Massimo Rossetti (ROSMOTOR Engines, Italy) using the best materials. Monocylindric 2 strokes, 123.67 cc in vertical position, air cooled, Walbro carburettor Wb 24, reduction gear with clutch of 1:4, variable electronic ignition for easy starting.

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